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On Publishing

When I first started writing this book (so, so long ago) I was determined to break into traditional publishing with one of the Big Six. But as I go on and look at what is happening in the publishing industry and, more importantly, how the mainstream publishing companies are reacting to it, I am becoming more convinced that self-publishing is the way to go... at least for me. I have been weighing the likelihood that my printed books will sell well enough in the few weeks I, as a first-time author, would have on the shelves. I have been looking at how e-books from the big six are very overpriced, and I have been reading at how dismal the royalties are. All those things considered, I decided that for better or worse, I would rather maintain control over my book. If it fails to sell even a few copies, I want it to be because I screwed up, not because an editor ignored my every wish. So while I am still only a little over half done, I have been writing a lot more lately, and I am fairly convinced I can have it done and ready to go by this time next year. The prospect made me so happy that I've been playing around with photoshop all day, and I developed something resembling my book cover. Of course I will have to hire someone who actually knows what they're doing for the final product, but I figure this can be my talisman in the interim.


  1. Awesome cover, Kristin! I wish I knew my way around PhotoShop so I could try this for my book.

  2. Wow! This IS Isabella, no question. I like the tone of the cover, as well -- and it coordinates perfectly with the title's meaning and all that "sunder" implies. This will fit nicely in today's market. You won't need to change much to fit your storyline. What better inspiration for you to pick up some extra momentum and push through to the end.

  3. I like. Like Greg, I wish I knew more about PhotoShop - I'm not even sure I have it on my computer.


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