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Kristin McTiernan Interview

“A privileged socialite, Isabella has spent her 27 years with wealth and status when her planned time travel is sabotaged, propelling her into the distant past.” We have talked to Kristin McTiernan about her new novel, Sunder.

First of all can you tell us a bit about your new novel, Sunder?

Yes. Sunder is a time-travel novel that is both a story of redemption and a consideration of the consequences of meddling with time. I think most readers wonder how they would fare if they were dropped into the past, and Sunder allows an exploration of that. It is available in hard copy and e-book exclusively on Amazon.

Can you give us some insight into your main character, Isabella?

Oh yes. Isabella is the very picture of a spoiled rich girl. In addition to being given everything, she is also immensely powerful due to her father’s ownership of the world’s only time-travel agency. When we first meet her, we look at the impact her upbringing has on everyone around her, specifically her husband. She has always had a very one-sided relationship with everyone in her life, which sets her up for a rude shock when she lands in the past. She has no money, no power, and the weapon of her beauty is nullified because they have different standards.

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