Sunder—En Espanol

After several months of working with my wonderful translator, Cesar Reta, Sunder has been rechristened El Sabotaje for Spanish-speaking audiences. This was a goal of mine starting from when I first wrote it. After all, it is the story of an America colonized by the Spanish instead of the British, an America with much different borders. It didn't seem right to write Sunder without making it available in Spanish, the primary language of Isabella's America.

It takes a lot of trust to turn over your work to someone else, especially when you have no way of verifying its quality for yourself. I had to trust Cesar, and then I had to trust my husband's Spanish-speaking cousin to tell me Cesar had done a good job. I am so happy to have this version of the book available and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of reception it gets when I sell it at Comic Con in May and at the other Comic Con in August.

Sunder's sequel, Fissure, is still in the works, and it is much more of an adventure to write. Unlike my process for writing Sunder, I do not have all the scenes pre-planned. Rather, I am trying out the "pantsing" method for the first time in my writing career, and I have to say I'm enjoying it. Allowing the characters to lead you instead of the other way around goes against my methodical nature, but I have a good feeling about the outcome. I'm hoping to have the book ready for release by next summer, but given my reputation for procrastination, I would not advise holding your breath for that deadline.


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