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For the Love of Fan Fiction

A major part of the nerd world is something called fan fiction. This is exactly what it sounds like: fans (who may or may not have any discernible writing skill) composing short stories about their favorite characters from tv/comic books/movies/books. As of today, I have every confidence that the Twilight series has a veritable lock on the fan fiction market, but in my day (1993-2000) the largest and best fan fiction collections were devoted to Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and comic books. More so than any English class I ever took, the hours upon hours I spent reading fan fiction taught me the importance of creating realistic characters, and staying true to the characters you create.

I bring this up because I recently unpacked all of my books and placed them lovingly onto a book shelf in my study. I have been transient for the past several years and all books have been in boxes. But as I unpacked them and categorized them, I came to the realization that the two …