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Why you need an editor, even if you're an expert

I was reading an article on Time Magazine's site the other day. Yes, Time Magazine, that bastion of proper journalistic integrity and professionalism. The following section appeared:

They had 181 women with young children take a survey specifically designed to test the degree of the mothers’ adherence to “intensive mothering beliefs” – i.e. the general notion that a woman should ideally devote her ideally herself heart, body and brain to her children, at each and every moment of each and every day.

Can you spot the errors? I sure can and it's probably not because I am a professional editor. It is simply because I can read.

There are two types of authors who feel the strong temptation to skip the editing stage of writing: 1) New writers who are short on funds and 2) experienced authors who think they don't need editing anymore.

Both of these authors are wrong.

Yes, spell check and Grammarly are awesome. Yes, many writers are professionals who are good at what they do. But …