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Stream of Nonsense

In attaining my undergrad English degree, I had to take a certain amount of classes: World literature, English, literature, American literature, creative writing, grammar/syntax, history of the English language, etc. In my final semester before graduation, I realized I had not yet taken a 300-level or above American lit class. I had taken my 200-level intro class, but nothing since. There was a reason for this. Generally speaking, I dislike American literature. I know, I'm a terrible person. So in my panic, I talked with my adviser, and he recommended New Modernist Studies, a 500-level class that fulfilled my advanced American lit requirement. Of course, given my indifference to American Lit, I had no idea what New Modernist literature was. But I felt confident that I was up for it, no matter what was thrown my way. Oh, if only I had known.
I bring this up because my most recent large freelance editing assignment is a very lengthy stream-of-consciousness non-fiction book (which is…