Pitch a Fit

Part of writing a book—the worst part, in my opinion—is creating a synopsis or "pitch." Those short blurbs your read on the back of a book or on the Amazon page seem so simple, but trying to compose one is extremely difficult for most people, myself included. But I gave it a shot and I'd love some feedback. So here is my pitch for Sunder. Would you want to read this book?

Isabella Jaramillo is accustomed to getting what she wants.

A privileged socialite, Isabella has spent her 27 years with wealth and status, thanks to her father’s ownership of the country’s sole time travel corporation.  Everything in her life—her job as a time travel compliance agent, even her loveless marriage—has been exclusively on her terms. Living such a charmed life, it is easy for her to be thoughtless—so blissfully unaware that anyone could want her dead.

In a bitter act of revenge, Isabella’s planned time travel to 1921 Brussels is sabotaged, propelling her into the distant past. Alone in a cold and desolate landscape and wearing a red silk flapper gown, Isabella is confronted with men on horseback—Dark Ages Europeans speaking a language she does not understand. An immediate brush with death brings reality crashing down on her, and Isabella Jaramillo—the social queen of Miami—finds herself made a slave.

Regarded as property and watched constantly, Isabella must adapt to this new strange world and somehow break free of the fortified city to find a way home.


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