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Aging Gracefully...Or Not

What do you see when you look at me?

One of the most astonishing television experiences I ever had was a multiple-episode arch of The Practice. In it, the law firm was defending a quadripilegic client played by the late great Christopher Reed. Casting Reed was particularly effective because, by that time, he really was a quadripilegic. The audience knew and loved him as Superman, as a family man, and as a hero who would not give up in the face of his life-altering (and ultimately life-ending) disability. In the legal drama, Reeve plays a man who was injured in a car accident in which his nephew, the driver, was killed. Kevin's brother, the boy's father, is wealthy but has refused to offer any assistance toward Kevin's care. Kevin's wife, Nancy (played by Carolyn McCormick), is suffering depression stemming from caregiver burnout and has been taking drugs that have caused her to black out on occasion. She resents her brother-in-law's refusal to help, and when he is found dead, she is acc…