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Off-the-cuff Facebook Writing Prompt

Dear 1997 through 1999, I miss you and I fear nothing in life will ever be as good as you were. There were several years before you, and there have been ever so many since. But you… you were the best. And I am sorry to say I never appreciated you as I should have, not the way you deserved. Like a wonderful lover who has come and gone—though I had no knowledge of such things then—I did not spend sufficient time basking in your glory, did not appreciate how soon you would be gone.
The first day of 1997 started at Holly D’Andrea’s house, as had the last three New Year’s days. She had a slumber party every New Years that involved sparkling grape juice, candy, candy, and more candy, VHS movies starring handsome men, and fantastic displays of gymnastics—the type preferred by the cheerleaders we all wished we were. Holly had made the pom-pon squad that year, which was close enough. She got to wear the pretty uniform that flattered the legs and butt; she got to perform in front of the whole …

Lightning by Dean Koontz

Lightning by Dean Koontz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read Dean Koontz constantly in my high school years, and I can honestly say Lightning is so unlike anything else by him I have read. I am unsure if Koontz meant to conceal the fact it was a time travel story, but I realized it from the opening scene—and what a beautifully written opening scene it was. In this story, Koontz almost entirely casts off his horror writing style in favor of masterful characterization and stunning imagery. His portrayal of adolescent girls is particularly spot-on and I know he must have daughters or a multitude of sisters. My only complaint is how it ended—how quickly summed up Laura's new relationship was. Did he skip over so much because he assumed the reader would take it for granted they would end up together? Did an editor chastise him for an overly long book and just start chopping material out? Either way, I felt I was missing out on an emotional payoff that was very out of step with the rest of t…