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Word Play

“Have you always had a black guy fetish?”

My co-worker’s face shone with entranced curiosity as she asked her question, her eyes flicking back and forth between my face and the wedding picture I keep on my desk. Despite her eyes being planted on my face for a full 50% of the minute I stared at her in stony silence, she did not seem to grasp that she had offended me. Gravely.

As I am not the type to run screaming to the HR office, I simply took in a very deep breath and informed her that I have always been attracted to men of all colors and I was sorry, but I had to get back to a very pressing task (a total lie). She stayed in the office for a few more minutes to talk to other people, still oblivious to how angry I was and how uncomfortable the other office occupants were with my very obvious anger. Finally she left, leaving me to take many more deep breaths in a failed attempt to smother the magenta in my cheeks.

As angry as I was, I know my coworker meant no offense. I know her clos…