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The Hobbyist's Dilemma

As I have previously stated, writing is my hobby, rather than my profession. During the writing process, the lack of pressure and demand lends to the soothing nature of my writing. However, now that the first book, is done, the question sits heavy on what to do now. I am faced with three options that I am weighing with some level of seriousness. 
Option 1—I continue submitting letters to literary agents in the hopes that one will represent me and sell my book to a publisher. Since several of my rejection letters were personally written, I have hope that my work is not entirely without merit, and my hopes remain high I will eventually find an agent.
Option 2—I submit my transcript to DAW, which still has a slush pile of unrepresented manuscripts. This cuts out the middle man of an agent while still maintaining the possibility (however remote) of being represented by a major publisher.
Option 3—Self publishing, specifically through Kindle Direct, which will allow readers to either purc…