Sunder is Here!

I have published my book—relatively quietly, but it is available for purchase. I am thrilled at every small victory. The four-star review from a stranger on Goodreads, the five-star review on Amazon. I have a free giveaway for the Kindle version for five days, and already more than 100 people have ordered it. The fact I don't get paid for those copies makes no nevermind; this was never a money-making venture. I am genuinely happy that new people will read it and (hopefully) enjoy it. I'm in the process of selling my house and looking for a new one in Kansas City, so you would think I would be most excited about that. But it's the small victories with Sunder that excite me most. And I am truly thrilled with everything that has happened. I have also entered it into Writer's Digest's self-published contest. It would be lovely if I placed, but still worth it if not. Most of all, it's gratifying to have the support of my friends and fellow writers. I am honored to know such people.


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