Sole Proprietership

I am now officially recognized as Kristin McTiernan by the almighty IRS. I have considered doing this for a few years now, but it was just so easy to roll up my writing and editing money in with my day job money. Now that my husband and I are filing jointly, it is simply non-beneficial (and getting more complicated by the day) for my writing income to be wrapped up with my full time income. was kind enough to tell me what to do, as my only source was LegalZoom. As informative as they were. LegalZoom charges for services that are free on the IRS website, a fact I would not have known without my digital due diligence.

Part of actually getting people to buy your book (and I am so grateful for the sales I've had thus far) is being responsible with the money, as we all know Uncle Sam will get his cut, whether from your check book or from your hide. This is just another step in my journey and even though it was slightly time-consuming, it was well worth it... and about as exciting as taxes get.


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