The Talk

Friday was a momentous day for two reasons. The first is that I had the privilege of being interviewed for the well-respected, of which I have been a long-time fan. The questions were thought-provoking and I really enjoyed answering them. It wasn't just because I love to talk about Sunder, but it was because they invited me to examine myself. The reason Sunder took so long to complete was not lack of time, but lack of belief in myself, something many writers struggle with. There's something soothing about just admitting it to the broader public. We in America love to brag about how busy we are; I suppose for some people it's actually true. But for me and others, it is often a cover for not being brave enough to power through the hard times. Owning it will, hopefully at least, make me less susceptible to it as I move on to book 2.

The second reason Friday was awesome was that I finally got my braces off!It's terrible being in your 30s with braces, but was so worth it in the end.

Look, Ma, no wires!


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