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How to START your freelance editing career

So you want to become a freelancer? There has never been a better time to become one. But like many other professions, it can be difficult to start. Even when you do your research online, you keep running into roadblocks. For instance, the most common advice for a new freelancer is to set up an account on sites like Upwork (formerly O-desk) or Guru. These are great sites... if you've been a freelancer for a while. Some of the roadblocks new freelancers will run into are:

Clients require a portfolio submission with your bid. If you're new, you probably don't have a portfolio.Clients on sites like Guru and Upwork require a certain customer rating (usually 4.5 out of 5). Even if you have some portfolio items, you are still new to the freelancing world, thus do not have any ratings built up on these sites.Listing on Craigslist can be difficult. Often your competitors will flag your offer of service to gut their competition. So what's a newbie freelancer to do? In a word—ag…

The Value of the Hypocrite

You're starving and beating women and children. You take our red cross parcels for yourselves. You don't give us any medicine, not even for the bloody malaria everyone's got.You make us work like slaves. You don't even let us write to our families, and you have the cheek to sit there and lecture us on good manners.
   --Cate Blanchett, Paradise Road

Writers of science fiction and fantasy create strange new worlds, sometimes horrible worlds, that reflect our own. Interspersed with the descriptions of foreign customs and ideals are characters that reflect those in the real world. In almost every book and film, regardless of genre, you will find the Hypocrite. The Hypocrite smiled at us through the warden in Shawshank Redemption, beat us through Sister Bridget in The Magdalene Sisters, and lectured us through Gul Dukat in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The Hypocrite has very strong morals and ideas of what is right and wrong, and is happy to chastise anyone who fails to meas…