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Writers Groups—How to Make them Work

You know you can't be a writer unless you have your work reviewed by other people. You know this. You've read it in other blog postings. You've seen it in interviews with authors. No writer can make their work shine as brightly as it can without the assistance of others. For those attached to large publishing houses, you are lucky enough to have a skilled editor going through your work for you, pointing out what could be better, or simply what needs to go in the trash. For the rest of us, we have to hire an editor, which is expensive—and frankly, not a good use of money with a first, or even second, draft.

The solution? Writer's groups. Preferably more than one, assuming you have the time and the gas money. I am only involved in one, specifically the Monday Night Writers, a small but active group that is mostly sci-fi, fantasy, and horror with some creative nonfiction and children's fiction thrown in for good measure. They are wonderful for a few specific reasons. …