Fissure cast—For my inevitable worldwide fame

It's that time again.

I had such a good time creating my dream cast for Sunder, I decided to do it again for Fissure.

You've all seen the cover, now you can see the group of talented actors who lent me their faces, voices, and souls (seriously, I have them in a jar) while I was writing. For some of them, the characters came to me long before I assigned them a face or specific mannersims. But some characters were created simply because I saw the actors and were struck so firmly by their presence, I was compelled to use them in my stories.

It sounds creepy, but I'm a writer... did you expect any different?

 So what do you think? Is this what you envisioned as you read?

Faran Tahir as Paul aka Syed
Rebecca Feguson as Shannan

Kat Dennings as Monica

Emilio Rivera as Julio

Carlos Bernard as Gabriel

Alfred Molina as Alfredo

Monica Bellucci as Flora
Judy Reyes as Reyna


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