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Black Magic's Shadow is Now Available

I'm so proud to reveal that Book 2 of the Siren Song Series, Black Magic's Shadow is now available in eBook and Paperback on Amazon! 

Tess Cooper is the woman you call when someone is after you—specifically, someone who can wield magic. Witches, brujos, Voodoo priests, Tess has dealt with it all. She may not have magical ability herself, but a talent for research and a lot of corporate HR experience can be more useful than casting a spell. 

Tess is just trying to live her best life, but other people keep getting in the way. Her girlfriend dumped her, her son and his father have left the country, and now she's been shot. Something—or someone—is attacking Tess's loved ones. A member of her family goes missing, there’s that shooting, and now the police are chasing Tess for a crime she thought long buried. Racing against the clock and the police, Tess must discover if she's the target of this curse, or if there’s something much bigger at play...

Black Magic’s Shadow is t…